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My family and I moved to Washington state in 2011. After we settled down here, our next move was to have our first farm. We started small with chickens and eventually got some turkeys. The goal was to start slow until we knew enough about poultry to finally decide to add to our family. Then came the geese and ducks. We had goats for some time too. Our farm even included pigs! As our kids all graduated high school, they began to leave our flock to begin their new lives. We've been downsizing our many pigs and have a few still. Our chickens and turkeys have dwindled down in size as well. With both my wife and I working, we don't have the time that we used to have for a farm.

Bucket Feeders In Use

We've had five gallon buckets lying around our yard for many years. When we had so many chickens that we couldn't even count them, we started working on ways to feed them better. The poorly made feeders we bought constantly at the store we getting destroyed by the sunlight. Plus our chickens kept knocking the feeders around and losing all that feed. Or they'd try perching on it and drop their feces in the food. Yuck! From there, our poultry feeders, using baffles and a five gallon bucket, became more of a reality.

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